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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last night I woke up...

Last night I woke up, and wondered about how cold it'd gotten. I was walking about without a coat just a week ago! My cat Totoro, was laying between us on top of the blankets on his back, stretched way out... He's a Norwegian Forest Cat who was a stray, and we'd found that he'd taken refuge in our yard this same month 2 years ago.

We was softly purring as I laid my cold hand on his fuzzy stomach. He's a huge cat... stretched out, he's almost 3 feet long to the tip of his tail! No fat... just bone and muscle.

When we'd taken him in 2 winters ago, he was so scared and cold... he'd growl and purr at the same time, not willing to let us near him... but so hungry, that he'd run from his hiding place to get the food we'd put out for him till he finally decided he was homeless, and really needed someplace warm to live.

The night we finally decided to take the chance and bring him in, it had dropped to 30 below windchill. he had a cold, and his eyes and nose were running... He had curled up on one of the bench seats from the band-van which I'd taken out and had sitting in our garage. I bent over, and taking a breath, knowing he may bite, or scratch me, I put my hands around his cold body, and picked him up to my chest, then carried him inside... He didn't growl, or struggle. When I set him down in the basement, he just looked kind of stunned. I brought him a big bowl of dry food. Our other cats, were shut upstairs, and were totally out of their minds over who I had brought in ... and upon hearing them yowl, and claw upstairs, he ran and hid.

2 years later, he's now king of the house... though still scared when something unexpected happens. Pan-Pan, our other male, (and the stray we'd taken in 2 years before Totoro, has had to grudgingly give up control of the house except the 3rd floor, where he can still call the shots. Bat-Girl, our tortoise-shell rescue cat is the glue that helps keep Totoro and Pan able to deal with each other.

On this cold night, I understood how so much of life can change by just being willing to take a chance.

I think it's also why I'm still slugging along in rock and roll after so many years... I keep taking chances.

Please consider coming to our gig on
Saturday Nov 27th at Chicago's Club EXIT. And please, those of you who can't make it to Chicago, tell your friends down there about us, and this night. We're all crazy rock and roll people still trying to change the world, and still slugging it out as best we can, taking chances all the way. ;)

PS, our friend Christina, is also having her Birthday Bash event this same night at the EXIT... I expect nothing like this night will ever be seen again... don't miss it.