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Venus DeMars
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Quick catch-up

This photo was taken by Claudia who has been taking pictures f my tours while in Albuquerque NM at Burt's Tiki Lounge. This was during my solo DEAD tour (Oct/Nov 2012) while I write this, I'm in El Dorado KS at my cousin's house for my overnight before the last gig in Wichita KS at Kirby's Beer Store tomorrow.

I have just driven for 11 hours straight. and as you all know I'm transgender, so I have a single specific stop just along highway 52 just before I hit Texas from New Mexico, (or is it just after I hit Texas... I don't remember exactly, but I know it when I see it.) OH... I take the angle route from Albq. NM to El Dorado KS, mostly so I can avoid the bathroom crowds in the toll stops. ... So I stop just once to pee at this one single tiny small town store that actually has 2 unisex bathrooms!! Who Know!! But it's my stop, so I am waisted from lack of liquid, and the long ass drive I've just done.

It's almost 11 pm. my Cousins have made sure their hot tub is warm, and they also got sangria wine for my arrival. I've just soaked and drank too much to make much sense anymore, so this is just a quick explanation  as to why I've not written on this blog for the past year... I'm writing on a project, And I don't want to 'publish' any of it till I'm done. I can't say much more... but by the end of next year, I hope to be able to share it with you hopefully. That's my deadline. BUT I have to avoid 'publishing' even self publishing as in blogging.

I WILL however, (Once I'm a bit more sober in the morning maybe?) write a short reflection on this present tour. It has been very moving for me. These tours are almost a spiritual journey for me. The last one was tough. (I wrote about it, you can read it here in one of the past blogs)

It actually kinda burned me on touring again... but here I am. though This one I tackled completely solo. The first time I've driven so far, and done so many gigs all alone. (Even the cop who pulled me over a few hours ago for doing 41 in the 35 mile zone of his small town along highway 52 was taken aback that I was touring alone and for so long, when I explained why I was driving through his area... as did the border check-point cop earlier in the drive yesterday when I left from my 'pitstop' in Las Cruces NM at David and Donny's enroute from Bisbee AZ to Albuquerque.

Expect either an edited addition here tomorrow at some point, I think that's the best. But thank you all for supporting me along this journey. Trust me. this one's been quite powerful.


-- Strong sightings along this tour: an eagle, many hawks, a roadrunner across my path just this morning while driving..PS they can kinda fly for a bit, but mostly stick to running, which it did all the way across the highway!, a shooting star. a full orange moon, and Orion.