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Thursday, March 8, 2018

I've been asked about posting chapters or excerpts of my memoir as I go.

I can't.

I need to write till its done, then look for an agent and/or publisher.

However I can post about the experience.

Things which have caught me unexpected.

My spouse and I are both writing memoir. Using the same timeline. So we're both going to places couples usually don't. To write our individual truths. And possibly, to un-write the tangle of memories we hold of our past.

To the extent we can.

I find this process an experience of extreme.

I'll try and post various things as I go.


TymexPyres said...

Kind of unrelated(sorry)question.I remember you saying in the past that you would release some other musical material of yours from around the animal-angst period...if there were interests.Is this still on the backburner~T

venus demars said...

RE: TymesPyres Yeah... still on the back burner...but I DO keep getting interest from people for that old work of mine... SO It IS simmering away ;) I DO plan to get to it. ;) Stay in touch via my social networks... or I'll make any announcements concerning Animal Angst era stuff there ;)